【For Waseda Students and Affiliates】Gender and Sexuality Center Individual Counseling Appointment [ Description ]

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Posted By : GS (Gender & Sexuality) Center

▼What is the GS Center?
The Gender and Sexuality Center is a space that was established to allow students to learn, consult, or collect information about gender and sexuality. The center is open to Waseda’s students and faculty as well as to the general public .(※Some serveices are not available to the general public)

About Individual Counseling:https://www.waseda.jp/inst/gscenter/en/service/

◎【For Waseda University students and faculty】Talk about your concerns/problems regarding university life.
If you have any concerns about gender and sexuality, please do not hesitate to talk to the center staff. Individual counseling is done in a private room.

※Our Center occasionally closes temporarily for meetings, events, etc. Please check our Twitter for specific opening hours.

▼【For Waseda University students and faculty】 GS Center Individual Counseling Reservation Form
 Following Form is available for reservation of 
(1)Waseda students
(2)Faculty and instructors at Waseda University (on topics related to their students)
(3)Parents or guardians of Waseda students
※The counseling services are not available to the general public.

Individual counseling reservations can be made through this form.
We will send you a confirmation email including the date and time of your appointment.
*Please read the  following in advance before reservation.

1.About the  Counseling 
We recommend that you make your counseling appointment in advance. Although we generally accept walk-in  sessions, we cannot guarantee that the staff will be available If you would like counseling in English, depending on the content of your counseling, we will decide whether we will offer (1) counseling in person (2) counseling via email. 

2.Available time for appointments 
Counseling is available during the opening hours of the GS Center. One session is 30 minutes long. We ask for your understanding that there may be times during which counseling is not available during opening hours due to events or meetings at the GS Center.

3.Check your spam box 
GS center will send you a confirmation email via Waseda’s email address. Please make sure your email settings is set so that it accepts emails from these domains: @waseda.jp" and "@kurenai.waseda.jp”.
Also, please check your Spam folder if you think you are missing your confirmation email..

4.Your confirmation email
We will contact you within 3 business days after receiving your form. If there is no reply after 5 business days, please check the mail receiving permission setting and your spam folder fill in the form and send it again.

5.Your personal information
The personal information provided in this form will be used only for counseling and not for other purposes. In addition, the content of the counseling and other private information will be handled with care.

 6.  Confidentiality and terms on counseling
 We keep the contents of the counseling confidential and we will not use them for other purposes. Therefore, the content of the counseling will not be disclosed to others. If you need specific solutions to problems occuring in the, we will cooperate with related organizations and provide collaborative help with your consent. However, under emergency situations when the life or safety of the visitor or those around them is threatened, we will take collaborative action without their informed consent. .

7. About Collecting Information for Essays or Assignments 
The staff at the center will provide you with basic information. For further information, we can recommend books and other materials for your reference.

We recommend using your Waseda email when you make a reservation.
If other mail addresses are used, we will ask you to confirm that you are a Waseda student ( or parents or guardians of  Waseda students) before counseling. Thank you for your understanding.