ICC オンライン トークセッション: アジアの子供たちは今〜300の学校を建設した元商社マン〜(10/13) / ICC Online Talk Session: The Children of Asia Today -The ex-businessman who built 300 schools in minority ethnic communities- (Oct. 13) [ Description ]

Request Period : 09/01/2020 00:00 - 10/06/2020 09:00
Posted By : ICC (異文化交流センター) / Intercultural Communication Center (ICC)




万が一、申し込んだ後に参加できな くなった場合は、結果発表(10/6)の前にメールで連絡してください。


1. イベント中はICCスタッフの指示に従ってください。
2. イベント中は質疑応答以外はマイクはミュートでお願いします。
3. 他の方の発言を止める行為、非難・中傷の発言はしないでください。
4. Zoom上での撮影・録画・録音は一切禁止です。
5. ホスト側で注意をしたり、守れない場合は強制的に退室していただく


Please refer to the ICC website for the event details.

【Important Application Information】
Please only apply once you have checked the date and are certain that you can attend on the event day (Oct 13).
Please avoid casually applying and then cancelling, as this causes significant inconvenience.
If you become unable to attend for unavoidable reasons after applying, please inform the ICC before the result announcement date (Oct 6).

【Notes about filling out the application form】
Additionally, please read the following to properly complete the application form:
1. Fill in all of the required information and press the "Save" button once.
2. An email will automatically be sent to your Waseda-mail address to confirm that your registration is complete. Although the text in this email may be garbled, you are still properly registered.
   *Confirmation email will only be sent to your Waseda-mail address.
3. Please note that if you do not received a confirmation email, it means that you are not registered.

【Notes during the event】
1. Please follow the instructions of the ICC staff during the event
2. Please mute your microphone during the event outside the Q&A Session.
3. Do not stop other people’s remarks. Slander is prohibited.
4. You are not allowed to take photos or record the Zoom meeting.
5. We may request you to leave the room if you fail to comply with the rules.