The Application Form for using computer rooms of AY 2020(Nishi-Waseda Campus) [ Description ]

Request Period : 02/01/2020 00:00 - 03/31/2021 23:59
Posted By : Media Center for Science and Engineering


※2020/2/1~(Since the application will concentrate during February, We will send a confirmation mail in late February

     To reserve computer rooms at Nishi-Waseda Campus for instructional purposes, please submit this application form. Prior to reserving a room, confirm computer rooms schedule for time availability.
    *Be sure to submit one form each reservation.
    *Linked page is in Japanese only at the moment, sorry.

    Responses will be made to Applicant after completing the registration.
    We may consult to the Applicant due to the condition of utilization.


    • Please request only those reservations that both instructors and participants want to use. Please do not request only to reserve the room.

    • No reservations are allowed in the regular classroom if you use the computer room for all period of class time. (Designated subjects for Undergraduate/ Graduate)

    • Information about the use of computer room has not been sended to students.
      Please make sure to let students know by yourself in class or through CourseN@vi if you are going to use a computer room for a selected time.
      Manual for createing information is as below.
      Please contact to Academic and Student Affairs Section( if you need help to send the information to students.

    • If you want to request installation of new additional software titles, you need to submit the “Software Request Form”. For more details to apply, please contact to Administrative Office of Information and Multimedia Technology.

      ⇒ Note: Implementation Software in PC Room is as below: (Sorry, Japanese only)
      Windows EnvironmentLinux EnvironmentMac environment

    • To use Drafting/CAD Room at Bldg.57, 1st floor, please contact to CAD Room.
      Contact: Bldg.57. 1st FL. Room101, ext 73-8770

    • To use Digital Atelier at Bldg.61, 3rd floor, please contact to Media Design Laboratory.
      Contact: Bldg.61. 3rd FL. Room301, ext 73-8070

    Administrative Office of Information and Multimedia Technology,
    Waseda University (, Tel: 73-8055)